May 20 Speaker: Sara Curl, Arthritis Foundation

Nate Bostrom introduced Sara Curl, the Executive Director for the Arthritis Foundation of Minnesota, North & South Dakota.  Its mission is finding a cure for arthritis, the leading cause of disability in America. She helps lead the charge for championing the fight to conquer arthritis in the tri-state area with life-changing science, resources, advocacy and community connections.

Sara’s presentation was aimed at employers, but all the attendees learned of the widespread effects of arthritis on the full spectrum of individuals. The disease has many forms (106) and effects, so it is the #1 cause of disability and #2 driver of medical costs.  We were shown that employers may have different perceptions of arthritis than their employees.  The Arthritis Foundations works to educate both populations.

Employers taking advantage of the Foundation’s efforts will have access to resources for their staff and their employees, and Sara explained the benefits of that partnership and using a free program – “Arthritis @ Work” after it becomes available – scheduled for June 1. She will send us the link when it is ready.

Sara also noted there is a shortage of pediatric rheumatology specialists, so the Arthritis Foundation is funding a fellowship at the University of Minnesota.

Contact information:

Sara Curl’s Phone: 651-419-8816

Email: [email protected]

Arthritis Foundation: