Our city parks contain an overabundance of ash trees, which are succumbing to the Emerald Ash Borer. The loss of these trees is substantially degrading the character and beauty of our city and our parks. 
For the second year, Chaska Rotary Club has partnered with the City of Chaska and the Chaska Lions Club to plant trees. On April 20, 2024, Lions Park got almost 130 new trees. The day was cold and windy and several flakes of snow joined the group, but after several hours, about 128 elms, maples, oaks, Kentucky coffee, and honey locusts were planted. 
This project resulted from ideas -- then actions -- from Rotarians Dave Pokorney, Dan Keyport and Luke Melchert. A Rotary grant was added to funds from the Chaska Lions club and the city’s budget. A multi-year plan was developed, and this is the second year of community contribution to ensure of legacy of diverse trees will be present in our parks for generations to come.