PRESENTATION 7-24-14: Peru Service Project, 2013

Tom Moorse 7-24-14

Tom Moorse provided a description of his experience with Chaska’s Westbrook Community Church service project in Lima, Peru in 2013. With video and slides, Tom shared images of life on top of a former landfill south of Lima, in a section of scrap-built homes optimistically-named Flores de Villa. Led by a David and Gina Stavros, an American couple living there, Tom and his church group worked to improve the living conditions of a family that needed a roof that didn’t leak. Greeted by dancers and a dinner, the volunteers then constructed a temporary fix that was later transformed into a new concrete house by funds gathered after the team’s return to Minnesota. Tom read a letter from a child affected by the donations that showed how simple help can produce great changes. The multiplying power of Rotary was illustrated – $10,000 from our club could turn into $35,000 when matching funds are added. Tom asked us for our consideration of supporting this continuing project. For more information: