January 28th Speaker: Susan Langer, Spave Organization

Nate Bostrom introduced another Wisconsin-ite who now lives in Red Wing – Susan Langer.  Susan is the CEO of the Spave organization, also known as “Live, Give, Save.” In a very fast-paced presentation, Susan first presented acronyms that helped illustrate her beliefs about how people live in the choices they make, and how entrepreneurship can change the world. She then shared the concept of “Appreciative Inquiry” and its philosophy that there is something inherently good and always working in an individual, family, organization or community.

Susan then presented concepts that form the basis of her organization, starting with a description of a problem facing Millennials – how to attain financial freedom and still donate to causes. 

She described and compared 6 options that included the Spave computer application, and its business model. A milestone chart illustrated key events in the product development of Spave.  Susan closed her presentation with the value statement for investors.

Her contact information: [email protected], phone 715-977-1222