Flooding waters of the Minnesota River have closed Highways 41 and 101 between Chaska and Shakopee and drastically reduced access to the downtown businesses of Chaska and Carver. Chaska Rotary member Lori Anderson and the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce have created “Rally for Downtown Businesses” Gift Certificates which can be redeemed at participating businesses.

These gift certificates can be purchased at the Chamber Office in increments of $5 and given away to employees and/or customers and redeemed at participating businesses that are listed on the back of the certificates. Certificates can be purchased this week and redeemed through July 30, 2014.
From outgoing club president Amanda Bloomgren – “Please consider supporting the Rally Downtown program that the SW Metro Chamber has put together. Whether it’s a business purchasing $500 or an individual purchasing $5, every penny goes back to our friends and neighbors in downtown Chaska and Carver!”

To purchase your gift certificates, contact the Chamber at 952-474-3233 or [email protected]