September 10, 2015 PROGRAM: Jan McCrady, Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women

Jan McCrady
Jan McCrady

Wayne Ward introduced our speaker: Jan McCrady, the leader of the Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women. Jan provided us with the purpose and history of her organization. The published beliefs: no one deserves to be beaten; all people have the right to live free from violence and fear of abuse; and every battered person has the right to seek help and protection in halting the illegal cycle of battering. The Alliance is a non-profit organization that has volunteer counselors available at all times to be points of contact and referral for battered women. There are support groups to help victims create a plan that enables women to explore available medical, legal and social services options. There is no formal Shelter in Carver County, but volunteers in the community open their homes for abused women and their children. Other services include legal advocacy, Criminal Justice Intervention, community education, and a Children’s Visitation Center that provides chaperoned visitation with the abusive parent. Jan explained that spousal and family abuse is seldom caused by a lack of anger management, but instead is an expression of power that may reflect the relationships observed as a child in an abusive home. She stressed that domestic violence is difficult to cure, and represents a crime that can result in serious injury or death.

Jan welcomed donations, volunteers and shelter homes.

For more information:, phone 952-873-4214.