9-10-15 Announcements

John Melander, from the Eden Prairie Rotary club invited us to support their Rotary Foundation fund-raising wine, beer and food event on October 10 “Vino Classico with a Beer Chaser”. It is scheduled from 6:30 – 9:00 PM at the Eden Prairie Community Center. For more information: in the Upcoming Events section.

Steve Mueller reminded us of the Bridging project on September 12, from 8 AM to noon.

Joe Hoppe invited shooters, cigar smokers and others to our annual Marsh Lake Hunt Club outing on October 20.

Gary Cooper asked again for Strive mentors. The first group meeting is Sept. 23. Gary would specially appreciate Spanish-speaking mentors. Please contact Gary if you are interested.

Char Weber gave a big “woo hoo!” to call attention to the Golf Event on September 11.

Tom Moorse reminded us to support the project supplying humanitarian containers to Chimbote, Peru. Our help is needed on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings in September at a warehouse in Shakopee: 13727 Johnson Memorial Drive/Hwy 169. For more information, call Tony 612-239-3640 or Dorothy 612-708-8553. Driving directions are a little tricky. Helping dates: 9/15, 9/19, 9/22, 9/26.

Tom also called our attention to a September 8 email announcing our Rotary District 5950 leadership training at the Arboretum. Talk with Tom if you are interested. Registrations are due 9/15. Note – in the email newsletter, there is an article about a $1,000,000 anonymous donation within our District, and an illustration of how our contributions are multiplied.