Aug. 16 Program: District Governor Irene Kelly

Rotary District Governor 5950, Irene Kelly, lived up to this year’s Rotary International them, “Be The Inspiration.” She explained how she has been actively involved in Rotary and in her coaching profession. It takes a village to do the work of Rotary, and Irene asked each of us to look inward to find a role in that work. One of the international Rotary goals is to examine the experience we offer our members and communities to keep our clubs active and attractive to the diverse population around us. More women and more cultural representation can only make us stronger and more relevant, she said.

Other current Rotary goals include eliminating human trafficking in Minnesota, and focusing on youth and young professionals. Irene recognized the efforts of four of our members: Greg Anderson, Dan Keyport, Gary Hardel and Ray
Schalow. She then provided a recipe analogy for success in our club’s work: Preparation, Passion, Positivity, Purpose and People. Current projects for our District include a Leadership Fellows’ Program and a Rotary Community Corps. Irene closed with an invitation to participate in a Sept. 22 training event, and to attend the international convention in Hamburg, Germany in June 2019.