Aug. 9 Program: Lisa Oberski, Chaska Historical Society

Lisa Oberski of the Chaska Historical Society reviewed the group’s history and future, including the forthcoming publication of a new book about Chaska’s recent history. The society began following the U.S. bicentennial when a group of residents decided more needed to be done to preserve the city’s history. Readers of the Chaska Herald should recognize the society from its weekly column “Herald Reports” in which historical events and minutiae are recounted from the archives of the city’s newspaper.

The historical society’s first project was collecting, compiling and organizing historical photographs, which consumed much of the first years of the society. As of 2017, the organization has collected more than 8,500 photographs and 4,500 artifacts. In 1988, the society was given a semi-permanent home in the Klein mansion in Chaska. In 2003, they moved to the Livery Stable, which is owned by the city of Chaska.

The historical society undertook an ambitious project to recount the history of Chaska beginning with the time before the city was founded. That book, “Chaska: A Minnesota River City, Prehistory to 1950”, will be reprinted this fall. Society members are currently writing articles for the book’s sequel, which will recount the city’s history from 1950 to 2000.  The book is slated to be printed in 2022.

Chaska Historical Society can use your help, through membership and volunteering – help make the past come alive for future generations.