PRESENTATION: Travels to Iran and Cuba 9-11-14

9-11-14 Mayerle

Bob Lindall introduced Dr. Jim Mayerle, a Chaska dentist since 1964. Jim and his wife love to travel, and have vacationed and worked in most of the easy-to-visit places. He shared photos and anecdotes of two places that most of us have not seen – Iran and Cuba. His slides of Iran resulted from a tour group aimed at the “Treasures of Persia” and we saw architecture, art, places and smiling people that countered television and cinema images from the past 30 years. Despite being processed at the airport as Iranians are treated at ours, Jim saw no restrictions on where he could travel, or who he could talk with. Many people were eager to speak English and pose with his group for photographs. Jim’s photos of Cuba did not get shown due to technical difficulties. Reflecting the political disharmony between our countries, his travel group was monitored closely during their visit to our neighbor to the south. However, people to people contact was warm and comfortable wherever they went. To reach Jim:, phone 952) 448-2577.