PRESENTATION 8-14-14: Metabolic Flexibility

Mike Nelson

Matt Szybnski introduced his friend, Dr. Mike Nelson who spoke about “metabolic flexibility”.

Mike has a PhD in Exercise Physiology, a BA in Natural Science and a MS in Biomechanics. He has been featured on radio, television and published articles in nutrition, sports and fitness magazines and in scientific publications.

Dr. Nelson’s focus for us was performance-based fat loss and how to become leaner and perform better. Mike has determined that there is a specific formula for burning fat, losing excess weight, and decreasing risk of disease. The key appears to be using the right fuel (food) at the right time as defined by the kind of exercise or workout you perform. Most of the time, our bodies convert fat into fuel, but high intensity activity uses carbohydrates. Weight training is one type of that activity. Other advice: include fast running in your routine, not a relaxed trot on a treadmill; drink water, not “performance” drinks; eat more protein instead of carbohydrates. For “bodies at risk” that are reluctant to risk more problems through intense exercise, we are advised to seek guidance from a fitness trainer who can tailor actions to avoid problems. Mike offered us a free 6-part video training package delivered through his website: