July 22 Speaker: Kelly Schrempp, Certified Financial Planner

Erin Kerber introduced Kelly Schrempp, a Certified Financial Planner with 18 years experience working for the firm Edward Jones, which has an office in Chaska where she works.  Via a Zoom connection, Kelly informed us that from the early age of seven, she had a love of math and numbers and proclaimed to her parents that she was going to be an accountant.  A decade later, she was a 17-year-old newly enlisted soldier in the Army National Guard with an enlistment bonus check in hand. She sat with her parents and their Edward Jones financial advisor to discuss how to invest her bonus, and from there, she was hooked!  Kelly graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to pursue my passion for finance while concurrently serving in the National Guard.  For the past 18 years, she has had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families and businesses in this community by helping them reach their financial goals.

In her presentation to us, Kelly presented data covering the past 50 years and highlighting the big financial events that many of us experienced. The Bull and Bear markets, along with the effects on unemployment and inflation were shown.  The details were too many and too complex to be easily summarized, but Kelly’s message was to form an investment plan that reflects your personality and to try not to be influenced by short-term events.

 For a more detailed discussion, contact Kelly Schrempp

808 Yellow Brick Road; Chaska, MN; 55318

Office phone:  952-361-9617

Email: [email protected]