July 15 Speaker: Greg Pavett, The Humanity Alliance

Greg Pavett is the founder and executive director of Minneapolis-based Humanity Alliance. Pavett has long been alarmed by the surging number of Americans with diabetes, as well as cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, particularly because so many of them are also food insecure. The Humanity Alliance is an organization that addresses both health disparities and hunger. Its mission is to rescue food about to be discarded and turns it into high-quality and healthful meals, then deliver them to families who lack access to good-tasting nutrition. “The Humanity Alliance applies disruptive innovations that unravel the health outcomes tied to food insecurity.”

Greg’s passionate presentation focused on his experience since 2018 to re-imagine how to “unravel the catastrophic health outcomes that are tied to food insecurity.” Noting that many food shelves and agencies provide food in package and raw form that the recipients are not able to cook or serve. Similarly, donated food may not meet the nutritional needs for sustaining good health. Rescuing food from restaurants and groceries and providing delivery to individuals has proven to be a successful method to address food insecurity and reduce waste. Greg and The Humanity Alliance believe nutrition, accessible housing and employment are the three keys to help people move back into a stable life.

The next steps described by Greg include building a facility in Victoria that can prepare meals and provide emergency shelter, while offering part-time employment. Establishing partnerships with school districts, Carver County Community Development Agency, churches, markets and community organizations will be essential to achieve the goals of The Humanity Alliance, and Greg showed the alignment with Rotary’s Service Above Self causes and programs. He closed the presentation with specific ideas on how we could be included in his mission:
Volunteer opportunities – meal prep, packaging, delivery
Sponsor a family in-need
• Support build-out, financial, material, or in-kind services at Unite Lodge – 2021 start date, Sept 1st opening – 5 rooms, up to 10 beds.

Greg Pavett’s contact information: phone 612-799-1784.

Email: [email protected].

Website: https://www.humanityalliance.org