Welcome to Our New President

Gretchen Oppriecht

Chaska Rotary Club welcomes our new 2021-2022 Club President, Gretchen Oppriecht. Gretchen is an educator with District 112 School District. Gretchen’s moral compass has been guided by her Girl Scout experience, motherhood and 33 years as an educator. Her USA and global travels have given Gretchen a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-lingual life. That sounds like a perfect fit for our club as we strive to better reflect our community’s composition and appreciate the needs for inclusion and equity. Bridges were also included in Gretchen’s reflections of her life and character.  She stressed the need to build and value them – in education, our professions and our neighbors. 

The Chaska Rotary Club thanks Gary Hardel for a year of dedication and flexibility as Gary weathered the COVID storm at our helm. Gary shared his strategic vision of the club progressing from “Normal” to “New Normal” and striving for “Best Normal.” We thank you Gary!