2021 George Klein Award Recipient: Steve Mueller

The George Klein Memorial Award is presented to a person in Chaska who exemplifies “Service Above Self”, in honor of a community leader and one of the club’s early Presidents.  Christian Klein, George’s grandson and former club member, attended our meeting from his new home in Anna Marie Island in Florida.  He thanked everyone for recognizing his grandfather through the award and said that it provides a link for him to the man he never got to know.

Bob Roepke gave a brief history of the award since it was started in 1981.  Dan Keyport recognized the past recipients participating in the Zoom meeting who embodied the Rotary values: Jim Maine, Bob Roepke, Gary Cooper, Bob Lindall, Bob and Sharon Moeller, Sarah Carlson/Blessed Bee, and Jay Molnau.

Vic Benetti presented the award to Steve Mueller after summarizing the long list of Steve’s accomplishments and services to support Chaska and Rotary. Steve thanked the club and all the former recipients for their contributions and inspiration. He noted the influence he received from Bob Lindall during his early years in Chaska. Steve also thanked his friends and family members who were attending the meeting.