Invocation: Dan Lundahl

FUND-RAISING INVITATION. Katy Bloomquist-Holub joined us for breakfast to invite the club to participate in a post-fry party at her house to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. If you can’t come to the event, consider donating to the LLS. More information: ph 612-810-1030.

ECUADORIAN CHILDREN’S CANCER FUND. Ken Hiller and Dan Keyport have organized a planning trip to Ecuador next week. Ken put fliers on the table describing the future project. The Fund started with the realization by a Chaska High School Spanish teacher that the levels of cancer treatment are extremely different between what is available in Ecuador, and what we have in Minnesota. Our Rotary club is seeking partners in our District to join us in an international service project next year.

SCHOOLHOUSE PAINTING Tom Croft asked us to “pencil-in” the date of Saturday, August 9 for our upkeep of the landmark one-room schoolhouse along Highway 41.

LOCAL FUNDRAISING EFFORT. Gary Cooper asked for donations to help a family of an employee with an infant’s health care. The Klein Bank is organizing the collection effort.