April 29, 2021 Speaker: Elise Ryan, Mayor of Chanhassen

Nate Bostrom introduced Elise Ryan, the Mayor of Chanhassen since 2018 after having served on the City Council since January 2015. Previously, Elise served on the Chanhassen Park & Recreation Commission from 2008-2014. Elise thanked us for an entertaining meeting and got on our good side by thanking us for our community service. With a thorough set of slides, she introduced the City Council and information about Chanhassen’s employees. Appealing to all the analytical folks in the meeting, she shared a unique “By the Numbers” data set that described many aspects of her city.

Elise looked back on the past year, and the effect of the COVID pandemic.  She found a silver lining in the innovations that were sparked and the CARES funding bonus for the city’s projects.  With the ideas of experienced members and new Council members, strategic planning produced Vision, Mission and Value statements.  Their strategic priorities have helped them produce clear financial plans that are shared openly on the city’s web page.

Elise then put on her Chamber of Commerce hat and promoted the new restaurants and businesses that would love to have the business of Chaska citizens. She forecast growth in Chanhassen housing and continued focus on “5 C’s” – Community, Communication, Collaboration, Commitment to Excellence and life within Chanhassen. In her Q+A session, discussions included housing and the benefits of cooperation between the cities around us.

Contact Elise by email at: [email protected]; or (cell) at 612-703-0598.