April 22 Speaker: Mark Windschitl, Mayor of Chaska

Nate Bostrom introduced Mark Windschitl, the Mayor of Chaska. Mark started by summarizing the Vision for 2025 and relating those goals to the tumultuous events of the past year, and some of the progress that had been made before the pandemic was unleashed. The 2025 goals include:
• A vibrant downtown.
• A welcoming, respectful, engaging and inclusive community.
• The development of southwest Chaska.
• Quality city facilities.
• Quality city services.
• Chaska is an environmentally conscious city.

Mark described actions taken within the Police department by its new Chief, including critical incident training for its officers. He also summarized positive progress despite the COVID challenges. These included Small business Round tables, work with the county’s Community Development Agency, Carver County Resilience efforts, vehicle parades and Chaska Cares actions, such as Birthday Patrols and food drives.
Using his crystal ball and optimism, Mark shared planned changes and improvements to the city’s roads and services, the Oak Ridge redevelopment plans, changing the Par 30 golf course into “The Loop at Chaska” unrestricted by disabilities, additional housing that will be part of a Del Webb community, and redesigning the area known as City Square West. More information will be given at a virtual Open House on May 6.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to our Mayor and the Chaska city staff for working so hard to achieve those 2025 goals and make our community a great place to live and work.

To get more detailed information and get updates on city activities: www.chaskamn.com.
Phone: 612-237-4188. Email: [email protected]