Feb 18th Speaker: Sanya Pirani, Sanya’s Hope for Children

Nate Bostrom introduced Sanya Pirani – a freshman at Prior Lake High School.

She is the founder and CEO of Sanya’s Hope for Children (a non-profit organization) as well as the youth advisor for the Community Action Partnership (CAP) Agency in Scott, Dakota and Carver counties since 2015. “Hope for Children” (SHFC) was founded in January 2017 to support local and global impoverished children by transforming communities one life at a time.

With half the world’s population under 25, SHFC’S mission is to help young people with the basic necessities of life, fund educational endeavors, find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community issues. Sanya currently gives back 100% of her fundraising income to a community in need.

At 14, she was already making an impact on a large scale. Her service journey started when she was seven and a half. Her first service project was “Bookmarks for Help” as she made 100 bookmarks, sold them for $5 each and donated $500 to Crisis Nursery via CAP when she discovered Crisis Nursery was out of funds. She continued her philanthropy during grades 4, 5, and 6. She provided donations to “Feed My Starving Children” and through her many ventures she has fed 700 people for a year. So far, she has funded more than 138,681 meals to partners around the world. Sanya has fed and helped over 1,000 local families and provided 10,000 meals and other basic necessities of life.

She is an extraordinary young woman. In her presentation to us, she shared her history of “Service Above Self” and the activities she has been involved with or organized, and the organizations with whom she has partnered and undoubtedly energized.

Sanya referred us to her web page, under the tab CAUSES, to find ways Rotarians can contribute to her efforts. We were also directed to a different website to purchase SHFC creations: https://inclusivi-tee.com/sanya-hope-for-children