February 4th Speaker: Matt Udermann, Carver County Commissioner

Nate Bostrom introduced Matt Udermann, a new Carver County Commissioner elected in November.

With skillfully crafted slides packed with information, Matt led us through his values and then shared his belief that the next 20 years will shape the next 200 years. We saw a graphic illustration of our county and the areas covered by each Commissioner.

Matt predicted significant changes in population, especially in Chaska and Victoria. Demographic norms will also be affected by more people of color naturally being attracted to live and work in our community. The services provided by the County will need to expand and anticipate these changes, and if done correctly, our attractiveness to residents and employers will continue to enhance our standards of living while maintaining reasonable tax rates.  Matt closed by discussing the important roles of cities and individuals to develop the next set of leaders and contributors to our County and communities.

Contact Information:

Matt Udermann

2347 Kelm Street

Chaska, MN 55318

(612) 888-4733

[email protected]