January 21 Speaker: Courtney Johnson, Mayor of Carver

Nate Bostrom introduced Courtney Johnson, the Mayor of Carver, our neighbor to the west, and close ally in maintaining this area as one of the best places in America to live.  Courtney provided a brief history of the last 20 years of growth in Carver.  She noted the rapid changes that have occurred following the expansion and relocation of Highway 212 and the “downstream” benefits to other municipalities as each city expands and matures.

Carver’s plans for improvement include growth along Jonathan Carver Parkway, more trails and safe access to schools, pedestrian safety, and a major renovation of their ability to treat and supply almost 3 million gallons of clean water per day. Courtney shared the effects of COVID 19 adjustments affecting meeting, civil services, business assistance and innovations. She also noted that the city was grateful for the CARES Act and partnership with the County’s Community Development Agency. She hopes for a similar outcome in designing and managing the levee improvements alongside the Minnesota River and downtown Carver. 

Ms. Johnson concluded by describing their 2020 Community Survey, the elimination of utility franchise fees, creating a citizenship award that honors former mayor Greg Osterdyk, a commitment to sustainability and quality of life, and plans for a modern and accessible website.