Jan 14 Speaker: Tasha Schuh, The Power of PATH curriculum

Nate Bostrom introduced Tasha Schuh, whom his family had known since Nate was growing up in Wisconsin. 

Facts and Selected Accolades:

  • Tasha lives in Wisconsin (and sometimes Florida) with her husband and manager, Doug.  
  • Tasha has authored two books: “My Last Step Backward” and “My Next Move Forward.” They can be purchased through her web page.
  • Besides speaking on stage, Tasha has a regular Vlog on YouTube and on her website that delivers snippets of inspiration and a peek into her daily life.
  • Tasha was crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA in 2012.
  • Tasha received the National Rehabilitation Champion Award in 2012, nominated by Mayo Clinic.
  • Tasha has been recognized twice by the Wisconsin State Legislature for inspiring others.
  • In 2014, Tasha received the Young Distinguished Alumni Award from Winona State University.
  • In 2016, Tasha was awarded the Falconer Distinguished Service Award from the Wisconsin Governor’s Committee for People with Disabilities.
  • In 2020, Tasha’s Keynote and the The Power of PATH: Building Resilience for Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Curriculum™ both received the SAVE Certification.

Ms. Schuh opened her Zoom presentation by recalling the last step she ever took – into a floor opening in the stage of her high school during a Wizard of Oz performance.  She survived fractured neck vertebrae, but lost nerve control below her shoulders.  On her webpage, Tasha has publicly opened her doors to show the life she now has as a quadriplegic. Examples include – how does she drive her van, how does she apply makeup, and many talk through her emotional journey since the injury.  If you have never considered the life of someone with physical limits, you might appreciate some time spent watching Tasha’s videos.

Her presentation however, did not dwell on her injury.  Instead, we learned about her efforts to prevent youth suicides and help them with mental health challenges.  She has created a ready-to-use curriculum for use by middle and high school instructors that can be taught over 6 days or 6 weeks.  Ms. Schuh provided statistics on the increased rate of suicide and untreated mental illness, and the probability that all of us may have experienced the wide reach of their impacts personally.

Her web page – www.tashaschuh.com has links to brief video clips where the curriculum and her two books are introduced, as well as testimonials that promote all her materials. 

Tasha’s email: [email protected].

Because our Intern Kayla Hendrickson is part of the group that could benefit from the Power of PATH curriculum as well as be inspired by Tasha’s presentation, she was asked how she felt after today’s meeting.  Her thoughtful response:

“I was in amazement of the whole presentation. The story behind her passion is truly remarkable. It was great to hear that she persevered through her hardships and is living to inspire others. She has continued to achieve her goals and help others do the same. The PATH Curriculum is a fantastic program!! From a student perspective, I know many students struggle with mental health and may not know how to deal with it or don’t have the resources such as PATH. Especially during times like COVID-19, mental health is even more important and a serious issue. PATH will do wonders for District 112. Personally, hearing her story put things into perspective for me on how quickly things can change in life. I strongly believe PATH will be a great addition to our community. The presentation was very inspiring and it was great to hear her story.”