Jan 7 Speaker: Bob Moeller, Metro Council Parks and Open Spaces

Bob Chinook introduced Bob Moeller, reminding us of Bob Moeller’s long history of service to the city, county and regional parks and trails.  Mr. Moeller is the Metropolitan Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Commissioner and the Chair of the Eastern Carver County Linking Trail Committee. In 2010 a diverse group of city, county and Met Council representatives formed to create a plan for connecting trails that existed through separate efforts by different entities.  They were committed to develop “long loops of connected trails” that would allow unimpeded and safe paths throughout the area for walkers, runners and cyclers.

Bob provided an informative and visually clear history of the progress made in the past ten years, and examples of the financial obstacles and natural disasters that challenged the group’s determination, and the new connections between cities that have been established.  Photos and maps were shown that gave us an understanding of 2021 and future projects that will continue to benefit the quality of life and business development of Chaska and our neighbors. This will include repurposing the old train path running parallel to Highway 61 and building a passageway under Highway 41.

For more information about area trails, connect to websites for the Met Council Parks Commission, Carver County Parks and Recreation, and Chaska Parks and Trails.

The source for trail maps in the western metro can be found on the Three Rivers Park site https://www.threeriversparks.org/locations.

Also, https://metrocouncil.org/Parks/Visit/Map.aspx

Also, https://www.co.carver.mn.us/departments/public-works/parks-recreation/parks-trails/regional-trails.

Trail maps may also be available in the lobby of the Chaska City Hall.

The City of Victoria meetings to consider the Bavaria Road section south of Hwy. 5 connecting to the existing trail along Bavaria Road in Chaska are being planned. The meeting dates available online are:

1.         Parks & Recreation Committee – Jan 19 2021

2.         Regular Council Meeting – Jan 25 2021

3.         Regular Council Meeting – Feb 08 2021

4.         Regular Council Meeting – Feb 22 2021?

Please check the City website for the actual agenda items and timing. The phone number to get phone information is 952 443 4255. Ann Mahnke is the head of Parks and Trails.