PRESENTATION 7-17-14: Re-employing Chemically-Dependent People


Ron Cossette introduced his friend Stephen Herman, the Director of BRIDGE, an organization providing training and employment opportunities to recovering chemically-dependent people. It is a non-profit that focuses on providing education and life skills that support re-entry into the community after overcoming the effects of chemical or alcohol addiction. BRIDGE provides real-world help to enable individuals gain call center services experience and the potential for a livable wage as they grow self-confidence and learn self-reliance. Their program includes development of life skills through finance management, nutrition, family relationships, overcoming barriers to employment, and committing to unpaid volunteer work.

This is the 3rd leg of a journey that may start with 5-Stars Recovery Center – which provides outpatient addiction treatment, followed by CD Recovery – which provides sober transition living facilities. After BRIDGE, Cx Technology is the call center business that provides employment opportunities to BRIDGE graduates. Its Business Development manager, Beth Hulegaard was also a guest at our Rotary breakfast.

5 Stars Recovery –> CD Recovery Services –> BRIDGE –> Cx Technology

Stephen can be reached at 612-990-6383, and Beth at 651-229-5465. More information is available on-line: and

Rotary Speaker 7-17-14