The Warren Commission Report: Fact or Fiction?

David Yorks visited the Club on Feb. 6 and shared his findings from years of studies into the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

His presentation provided a comparison between the official Warren Commission Report and a Congressional investigation 15 years later. York shared the backgrounds of members of the Warren Commission and political, financial and resource pressures they may have encountered during their brief analysis of the assassination.  Information from the FBI and CIA was withheld from the Commission, and the involvement of organized crime and clandestine operations also would have affected their study of the known shooter Oswald and his own murder by Jack Ruby. Questions about the accuracy of the autopsy, witnesses, video records and the murder of Dallas Police Officer Tippits were also brought out in York’s fast-paced and smoothly-delivered presentation.

To contact David Yorks: email [email protected].