About Rotary Club of Chaska
We are part of Rotary International, a secular, non-political, global network of 1.4 million committed individuals who volunteer their skills and resources to solve pressing issues and address community needs.
Don't Forget: Our February 29th meeting will be held at the Chaska Community Center!
Wear comfy clothes - we'll participate in CPR training. 
Bingo Bedlam!!!
March 7: Regular morning meeting; 6 p.m. bingo at Patron
March 14: Regular morning meeting; 6 p.m. bingo at Patron
March 21: NO MORNING MEETING; 6 p.m. bingo at Patron
March 28: Regular morning meeting; 6 p.m. bingo at Patron 
Basic Rules
We'll play a total of 10 games
  • Games 1-9: Variety of games, $3.00 per sheet, 3 cards per sheet
    • Prize: $$$ Half of the pot collected for that game
  • Game 10: Coverall, $4.00 per sheet, 2 cards per sheet
    • Must arrive and be playing by the start of game #4 to be eligible to win the Coverall prize
    • Prize: If Coverall is completed with 57 numbers called or less, winner takes home $700.00
    • If no Coverall winner
      • Blackout prize of $100.00
      • Remaining $$$ carry-over to next Bingo Night on March 14th
Notes From Our Most Recent Meeting
Dr. Sara Cooper - Stress Reduction
With a proud introduction by Gary Cooper, Dr. Sara Cooper skillfully changed the mood of the room with a presentation devoted to stress reduction. Believing that physical and mental health are strongly connected, Dr. Cooper explained her chiropractic practice combines attention to both aspects of her clients. Reviewing the differences between sympathetic nervous systems and parasympathetic systems, she offered her view that many of us get stuck in the “Fight – Flight – or Freeze” responses to the stresses we encounter in our routine activities and experiences. Sara demonstrated various physical actions and methods that can reduce the negative effects of these stresses:
  • Gently pinching the pad at the base of your thumb.
  • Lightly pushing your hands to press against your eyes.
  • Pressing on the vagus nerve below your ears. 
  • Brushing your tongue can soothe the vagus nerve also.
  • Breathing in for 4 seconds, hold that breath for 4 seconds, then exhaling for 8 seconds, then repeating this 10 to 25 times can create relaxation. Many of us tried this.
  • Twenty seconds of hugging, even by yourself can be calming. No one was watching. Honestly! We all had our eyes closed!
  • Actions that include exercise, flexing, yoga, meditation, mantras, singing and humming are also considered to be stress reducers.
Dr. Cooper contact: (651) 789-0547, Link to website.
One West Water Street, Suite 270, Saint Paul, MN 55107
  • Jean Heyduck brought a Rotary chapter flag back from her visit to South Carolina. Old-timers in our club might remember we would attach these flags to sheets that could be hung up at our meetings.
  • Bob Chinnock updated us with the scheduled STRIVE meeting following the meeting. The topic will be the VALUE OF NETWORKING with a speaker from The Mustard Seed Landscaping and Garden Center.
  • Our members will be responsible to arrange presentations or programs at our morning meetings. Please notify Keith Payne or Michelle Kraus when arrangements have been made. Soon, directions for speakers will be sent to our members.  Speakers can be remotely located and still present via our Zoom connection.
  • Vic Benetti is the point of contact in the search for a President-Elect for our club.
Exchange Student Update
Viola Bavastro spoke of her pleasure in watching the movie Mama Mia more than once.
STRIVE participants learned about the importance of networking at our February 22 meeting.
On Thursday, March 7th we will welcome Dr. Les Green as our Strive speaker. Les has been generous over the years offering his presentation many times. If you have not heard his talk, I encourage you to attend. Sheryl Hough will welcome Les and introduce him.

On Thursday, March 21, Erin Kerber will speak on budgeting and money management.
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