Presentation District 112 Referendum- October 10th

Lori Goeman introduced members of the school district staff and our presenter—Superintendent Clint Christopher. Mr. Christopher started with a review of recent construction projects and noted that 92% of residents and 98% of parents rate the qua9ity of our education as excellent or good, and they received great value for the investment of our schools. The rest of the slides and explanations focused on the Nov. 5 referendum questions and the impact of their approval or rejection.
Q1: concerns funding to provide services (staff, infrastructure, space) per student and affects class size and enrollment growth. A graph was shown that indicated what nearby school districts spend and where our funding ranked.
Q2: provides funding for maintaining and adding facilities.
Q3: continues the taxation rate approved in 2013 that supported school security and technology for students and staff. Apparently, other city projects will be affected by the Referendum: a new library location and relocating the License Center. DeeDee Kahring helped field some questions before time ran out, then Clint referred us to the District’s website to see the slides again, learn more about the administrative costs for the district, and to determine the estimated individual tax impact of referendum approval. For more info: http//
or you can communicate via email: [email protected] or call: 952-6107