Sept. 19th Paul Aasen from the Minnesota Safety Council

The counsel’s mission is “To strengthen individuals, families and organizations by helping prevent injuries and support safer, healthier lives.”

This is a member-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing unintentional in-juries – a leading cause of death, disability and economic loss. We provide numerous classes, seminars and consultation to help employers develop safety programs, comply with regulations and keep their workers’ safe.
We offer traffic programs for the workplace and the larger community, including defensive driving classes for mature drivers and interactive online programs for teens. We are a chapter of the Nation-al Safety Council.
Crashes Urban VS. Rural Fatalities
Paul Aasen is the president and CEO. Who has 35 years of experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sec-tors. He served in the public sector as the city coordinator for the city of Min-neapolis and worked for Global Volun-teers. Aasen holds a master’s degree in environmental health from U of M.

Number of Farm Related Falls in the workplace
2017 4,100 2017 4,100
2016 4,000 2016 4,000
2015 4,000 2015 4,000
2014 4,700 2014 4,700
2013 4,800 2013 4,850

Top five death rates are due to falls at home by 65 years and older adults.
Wisconsin 142.7
Vermont 122.7
Minnesota 119.4
Colorado 111.5
South Dakota 105.1