Chaska Rotary supports Vamos! Scholarship with $5,000 kick-start grant

The Vamos! Scholarship received a $5,000 kick-start grant from the Chaska Rotary Club last spring.

Vamos! Scholarship focuses on Latinos students heading to college, and the grant will amplify the message of the need to close the educational gap, be to a more inclusive community, and work together to build bridges of cooperation and prosperity for all.

Juan Llerena, founder of the Vamos! Scholarship Program, said, “We are very thankful to (Rotarian) Char Weber and  the Chaska Rotary Club. We look this new year to continue strengthening and building new relationships with like-minded organizations to create positive change in the communities we live and work.”

The Vamos! Scholarship program was founded in 2015 by Waconia residents Juan Llerena and Rita Pinto. To date, students have received more than $18,000 for college tuition, books and materials.