April 12 Program: Mayer Lutheran High School

Joel Landskroener
Mayer Lutheran High School Executive Director and Waconia Rotarian, Joel Landskroener

Chaska Rotarian Greg Kummer introduced the speaker, Joel Landskroener. Joel is a member of the Waconia Rotary Club, and at one time was a history teacher, but somewhere in his past he honed his skill at public speaking and bringing smiles to his audience. His presentation was entertaining and informative while providing details about Mayer Lutheran High school. The mission of the school and all the faculty and students is to “Prepare the Next Generation of Christian Leaders.”

With 173 students in grades 9 through 12, it is not the typical size of high schools found elsewhere in the metro area, and the town of Mayer appears to be populated by its graduates. The school was founded by the grandfather of one of their members – David Melchert. It is primarily a college prep school with most graduates obtaining college credits before departing. The students are able to obtain scholarships and financial aid that repay their parents for the $10,000 annual tuition to Mayer Lutheran. Despite its small size, the school also has excelled at sports, and contributes to its community in a variety of service projects and activities, similar to a Rotary Club. The school also manages a Virtual Academy that provides K through 12 providing at home schooling. Joel ended his presentation with photos and diagrams of the current construction of a major addition to the school. He admitted that the school would greatly appreciate any funding assistance we could provide toward completion of that project. For more info: For more information go to www.mayerlutheran.org.