Program: District Governor Bob Halagan

At Chaska Rotary’s Oct. 19 meeting, Chaska Rotarian Greg Anderson introduced Bob Halagan, governor of Rotary District 5950. After asking us “why” we’re Rotarians and noting that having fun was evident in our meeting, Bob recalled his mother’s immigrant background and her belief in service to her community. His involvement in the Buffalo Rotary international projects in Guatemala brought him into contact with people just like his mother before she came to the United States, and he relished the opportunity to help them like others helped his mom.

Bob is proud to lead one of the most philanthropic Rotary Regions in the world, and challenged us individually to be one of the 300 members to donate $1000 each year to the Rotary Foundation. He shared the international goals of Polio Plus, tracking community hours and giving, and planting trees. Bob challenged “old white guys” to be active in recruiting women into Rotary clubs so that we reach a membership of 50.3%, instead of the current 30%, and to make our meetings relevant to new members. Bob emphasized the destructive impact of opioid addiction, and used it as a current problem that could be used to develop Rotary programs that interest diverse groups of people, including women. He closed with a request that we make Rotary a part of our every day conversations.

Bob has been a member of the Buffalo Rotary Club since 2000 and served as its president in 2009-2010. He also served as District 5950 legal counsel from 2011-2014, Area 13 assistant governor from 2010-2013 and district fundraising chair from 2013 to 2016. Bob’s Rotary journey has taken him, among other places, on numerous service trips to Guatemala where his club, in conjunction with other Rotary clubs, has authored or participated over $400,000 in Rotary grants including grants promoting economic development, nutrition and maternal health for indigenous women.

Bob has been practicing law for over 30 years in Buffalo, MN. His expertise is spread across all areas of law. He represents businesses and business owners and notes that the greatest part of practicing law is the use of common sense. Bob began practice with the largest law firm in Minnesota and is now the owner of the smallest law firm (one person). Bob also serves as a mediator and arbitrator and has participated in hundreds of mediation sessions where the parties have successfully resolved their legal disputes.