Sept. 21: Exchange student, announcements & finemaster

Exchange student

Our Exchange Student from Chile, Isidora Tiska brought her smile back to our meeting and said she enjoyed her 1st month in Minnesota. Izzi was excited to be participating in the school musical cast or crew. Perhaps this will be the spark for a future career.


Char Weber, out finemistress floated around the room stopping for cash from Greg Anderson, Brett Johnson, and Joe Hoppe. This was followed by those not imbibing or smoking at the upcoming event. Then swishing from table to table, we
were quizzed by “Char” pedia on details about the fall season. Again, our level of knowledge was higher than expected, so half the tables basked in the glow of correct answers.


Dan Keyport provided one more reminder for the coffee, scotch, chocolate and cigar evening on the front porch of Hazeltine with heat indices guaranteed to be below 100F. However, after the first round of single malt, all bets are off….

Matt Podhradsky thanked the sponsors and players in the Chaska Cares’ Golf event that raised $20,000.

Brett Johnson invited us to the Carver Elementary Open House on Sept, 30.

Joe Hoppe wore his camouflage shirt again to advertise the Marsh Lake Hunt and dinner fund-raising event. However, this time, no one could see him, so his announcement wasn’t heard. It’s OK, he was wearing a duck shirt for pheasant hunting

Cindy Anderson announced the annual Edge of the Big Woods Art Wander in Carver County. Her artwork will be displayed at Phil Solseng’s residence near the town of Carver during Sept. 22-24. More info at: