Sept. 14 Finemaster & Announcements

We did not have a report from our exchange student this morning, she had to leave early.

Finemaster & Happy Dollars

Char Weber was our Fine Mistress again today. She asked questions of each table about scotch whiskey. As a result of many mis-spent hours near bottles of single-malts, most tables were very knowledgeable and the pig was not fed well.

Happy Dollars came from Jim Dauwalter, Ray Schalow, Brett Johnson and Mike Vandenberg.


  • Dan Keyport reminded us to sign up for the Coffee, Scotch and Cigar evening on Monday, Oct. 2nd on the porch at Hazeltine. Guests are welcome. $100 price tag to help Chaska Rotary’s mission.
  • Char Weber thanked the volunteers at the Rotary Wine tent during Carver’s Steamboat Days.
  • Steve Mueller thanked the crew that supported the Bridging event on Sat. Sept. 9: Mike Vandenberg, Gary Hardel, Randy Nelson, Tom Moorse, Lon Hand, Bob Chinnock, Vic Benetti, Dan Keyport, Mike Carpentier, Jim Healy, Peter Ivy, and Al Grover.
  • Cindy Anderson announced the annual Edge of the Big Woods Art Wander in Carver County. Her artwork will be displayed at Phil Solseng’s residence near the town of Carver during Sept. 22-24. More info at
  • Greg and Cindy Anderson will travel to Texas and join Norwegian exchange student, Adrian, as he graduates from joint service jet fighter school to fly with the Norwegian Air Force.
  • Joe Hoppe wore his camouflage shirt to advertise the Marsh Lake Hunt and dinner fundraiser. It’s the same shirt he wears on the way home from the Capitol.