Sheridan Story helps prevent hunger in our community

The Sheridan Story supports nurition and helps prevent hunger in our community.At the March 30 Chaska Rotary meeting, Rotarian Jenni Evans introduced Christine Dummann, a nutritionist and Program Coordinator for The Sheridan Story. Christine presented a video that described the efforts and successes of her organization in supplementing the nutrition available to students in the Twin Cities area. We learned about the impact of good nutrition and its positive effect on brain development and success in school.

With lunches and breakfasts for those in need already supported by federal funding, The Sheridan Story helps prevent weekend “food uncertainty” that some students experience. Volunteers and donations produce bags of nutritious food every Friday that are delivered to the backpacks of students who otherwise could go hungry until Monday arrives. Organizations, business, churches and PTAs “adopt” schools. This has enabled The Sheridan Story to expand from Sheridan Elementary School in Minneapolis in 2010, to five schools in 2013, to 144 schools this year.  Teachers and social services agencies identify needy children that each receive about $130 of food throughout the school year. Over 1 million meals have been distributed since 2010.  Eastern Carver County Schools has 144 students enrolled this year, and the goal is to add 140 more within 6 more schools in the next school year.

We can help support this program through sponsorship of a school or a number of students; communicate the need to others, connect with their social media, hold fundraising programs, or assist with food packing.

The video and more inspiring information is available at The Sheridan Story website.