March 2 Announcements, Exchange Student & Finemaster


Amanda Bloomgren and Char Weber did not give us our weekly Gala invitation. ūüėČ

Richard Crawford has filled all the positions in the Scholarship Committee, and he thanked all the support he has received for this worthwhile commitment by the Club.

Exchange Student, Chirawat “Boss” Charoenwat

Boss participated in an Exchange Student weekend at a camp, where he stayed in a cabin and talked with other students about things that we don’t need to see in print. He thanked Matt Szybnski and family for hosting him. Greg and Cindy Anderson are hosting him temporarily now, and he enjoys the never-ending playfulness of their puppy.

Finemaster and Happy Dollars, Ron Cossette

Ron Cossette asked that all lawyers and judges pay for the pleasure Ron experienced in 3 days of Jury Duty. He went on to pick on Lon Hand, Steve Larson, Bob Roepke, Paul Olson, and Scott Knight. No table quizzes were given, so thank you Ron! This must have put many into a good mood, because Happy Dollars flowed forth like a spring melt from the frozen North from Gretchen Garcia, Dan Keyport, Steve Larson, Rick Ford, Gary Goeman, Gary Cooper, Mike Senden, Eddie Webster, and Dave Pokorney.