Feb. 16 Meeting Announcements & Finemaster


  • Vic Benetti and Gary Cooper recognized all the gift card donors who recently helped them with the STRIVE program.
  • Amanda Bloomgren gave us our weekly Gala invitation and asked that we email her if we plan to attend, and contact Dave Melchert if we have auction items. We should also continue to look for Sponsors, “big and small.” She also provided advice concerning super-hero underwear, but that’s another story.
  • Gary Goeman thanked us for our assistance at the Hooked on Books event.

Finemaster and Happy Dollars

Dan Keyport leapt faster than a speeding bullet at the opportunity to quiz the tables on our knowledge of Super Hero Trivia. Most tables paid, but a few benefited from the mis-spent time several Rotarians had given to comic books. For information about REAL heroes, read about our program presentation today. Happy Dollars revealed their secret identity from Brett Johnson, Bob Moeller and Paul Maahs.