September 24, 2015 PROGRAM: Jim Bauck, Eastern Carver County School Referendum

Dr. Jim Bauck
Dr. Jim Bauck

Our speaker host was Brett Johnson, and he introduced Dr. James Bauck, the District 112 Schools Superintendent, who provided us with information to help us vote in the November Referendum.

We were shown a video that summarized the reasons for the referendum that focused on the spending and budget history, the expected growth in elementary school children, and the funds needed for facility maintenance and improvement. Dr. Bauck then explained the projected bond cost for homeowners, the operating costs per student, and comparisons with nearby schools that “compete” for students and prospective homeowners. We were shown data that indicate the District’s ACT test scores are higher and our costs are lower that state and metro area averages. When asked of the value of better athletic facilities, Jim indicated that extra-curricular activities have been correlated with better graduation and college success, while also providing resources that support community organizations.

To contact Jim via email: [email protected] or phone (952) 556-6111

For more information from the school District about the Referendum:

•Question 1: Revoke an existing operating referendum of $379 per pupil and replace it with one for $829 per pupil, an increase of $450 per pupil. This referendum would last for 10 years and will not increase with inflation.
•Question 2: A $66.7 million bond referendum for a new school, land, classroom additions, repair and betterment at all schools, a pool and a multi-purpose athletic facility. Question 2 is contingent on approval of Question 1.