INVOCATION: Bill Engelhardt

River City Days approaches quickly, and hopefully all of us have reserved some time on Friday or Saturday to help our fund-raising and community-presence activities. Vic Benetti is managing the Wine Tent and Ron Cossette is directing the steak and chicken BBQ. Friday night will be livened up with the Community Band concert, featuring several of our members.

Visiting Rotarian Paul Perez invited us to the annual Lakefront Music Festival fund raiser organized by our Prior Lake Rotary cousins, July 17 + 18. Their club raises about $250K with this event! More info: http://www.lakefrontmusicfest.com/

Tom Croft invited us to participate in our September 11 Golf Event. Hole sponsors are welcome, as are participants.

Dan Keyport has handed the duties of Program Coordinator to Gretchen Garcia. Please let her know when your speaker/program is lined up. Lynn Ayers’ sister will be our speaker next week, and Lynn asked us to be present and well-behaved.

Greg Anderson asked for our participation in an event organized by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Saturday July 18, 4 PM, 4331 Egan Drive, Savage, MN. Call Katy Bloomquist at 612-810-1030.

Tom Moorse gave out Chaska Rotary pens and encouraged us to use them to invite our friends and neighbors to become Club members.

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