Sept. 28: Exchange student & finemaster

Exchange student Our exchange student from Chile – Isidora Tiska, spent the weekend at Gretchen Garcia’s home, undoubtedly enjoying a Spanish-language friendly environment as the Garcias are bilingual. Finemaster Char Weber has been our Finemaster during the month of September and ended her reign with her normal exuberance. Payers included Gary Goeman (the on-going Al Grover […]

Program: Jim Bach, Chaska High School

For the Sept. 21 program, Chaska Rotarian David Brecht introduced his successor and the new principal of Chaska High School, Jim Bach. Jim grew up in Richfield and graduated for high school in Richfield. His undergraduate study was at St. Cloud State and he received a Master’s degree from St. Mary’s University. He has called […]

Sept. 21: Exchange student, announcements & finemaster

Exchange student Our Exchange Student from Chile, Isidora Tiska brought her smile back to our meeting and said she enjoyed her 1st month in Minnesota. Izzi was excited to be participating in the school musical cast or crew. Perhaps this will be the spark for a future career. Finemaster Char Weber, out finemistress floated around […]

Program: Cory Whitmer, The Mustard Seed

Cory Whitmer is the Design and Sales Manager for The Mustard Seed located west of Chaska on Highway 212. He had planned to provide the Chaska Rotary with advice on preparing our gardens and yards for winter. What occurred instead was 30 minutes of questions and answers from the audience. Cory responded with expertise and […]

Sept. 14 Finemaster & Announcements

We did not have a report from our exchange student this morning, she had to leave early. Finemaster & Happy Dollars Char Weber was our Fine Mistress again today. She asked questions of each table about scotch whiskey. As a result of many mis-spent hours near bottles of single-malts, most tables were very knowledgeable and […]

Program: Birder extraordinaire Neil Wingert

Our own Chaska Rotarian Neil Wingert needed no introduction. He provided the club with a visual summary of his around-the-world birding trip last year. He purchased an around-the-world airline ticket and used over five months it to travel to Australia, Turkey, Germany, Bolivia and more. He observed 1,500 species and had nearly that many photos […]

Sept. 7 Exchange Student, Finemaster & Announcements

Exchange Student Our exchange student from Chile, Isidora (Isy) Tiska has experienced her first days of high school in Chaska, and all seems to be going well. She has enjoyed time at a lake, swimming and fishing. Finemaster Past-President, Char Weber, was Fine Mistress today seeking revenge. She cut a broad swath through those who had […]

Program: Protect yourself from identify theft

Chaska Rotarian Char Weber introduced Thursday’s speaker with two first names: Larry Marty, from Harvard Risk Management Corporation. Larry works from an office in Chaska in the field of identity theft protection, and provided us with data that emphasized the probability of each of us being a victim of this prevalent crime. According to the […]

Aug. 31 Announcements & Finemaster

Announcements Dan Keyport invited us to a Coffee, Scotch, and Cigar evening scheduled for October 2. It will be held on the Hazeltine Golf Club porch. For $100 per person, your participation will also contribute to our Rotary fund. Heavy appetizers will be served. Non-Rotary guests can also attend. Rotarians should look for an e-mail […]