Jan. 17 program: Launch Ministry, open house Feb. 10, fundraiser Apr. 27

At today’s meeting, Chaska Rotarian Lorie Treff introduced Corey Magstadt, founder and director of Launch Ministry. Launch Ministry is a faith-based nonprofit that provides young adults between 18-29 years old with opportunities to promote healthy, productive transitions into adulthood. Corey and the ministry staff with volunteers assist young people in transition by providing them with tools to develop life skills, opportunities to lead and serve by promoting spiritual and character formation.

Corey provided the Chaska Rotary with success stories that came as a result of the investments made in the youth of the community. One of the first residents in a Launch home, primarily funded by Rotary, has now finished his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in physics and will soon become a teacher. Other stories illustrated the path to homelessness is often abrupt and no fault of the young person.

Launch Ministry works to help them navigate paths to work, home and relationships, but more immediately – a warm, safe place to sleep at night. Partnerships with Westbrook Church will be aiming to place youths in temporary (2-3 months) residences in private homes. Donations of food from Bountiful Basket and clothes from the community also are helping.

The newly-acquired Launch building on 2nd Street in Chaska was enabled by a grant from a Foundation organized by Bob Roepke and Dave Pokorney. The facility will host an Open House on Feb. 10, and a fundraising event will be held April 27 at Hazeltine.

Need help, or know someone who does? Contact help@launchministry.org or call 952-564-0838.
To Volunteer or donate, contact Stephanie@launchministry.org or call 612-564-

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