Nov. 8: Rotary Exchange Student Julia Moschioni

Rotarian Andy Haugen introduced Chaska Rotary’s exchange student, Julia Moschioni, who’s home is Brazil. She had an entourage of host family members with her and gave us an autobiography told in a skillfully arranged slide show. She shared some facts about Brazil’s geography, maps and details of her flag that may give Ken Hiller some Finemaster material for our next meeting. Her family lives in the state of Parana in the city of Curitiba. Julia described cultural events in Brazil, and her favorite music, artists, foods, and sports.

Julia claimed that Brazil has the best football team in the world. Both her parents are civil engineers, and she has two
sisters. Her grandfather helped found the Rotary club in Curitiba. Her home’s average low temperature is 50F, so she is
not enjoying our winter weather. (Neither are we!)

Living an hour from the South Atlantic Ocean, and in a metropolitan area (population 1.9 million), she has changed some folk’s impression that all of Brazil is all rainforest. Photos of cowboys, Ukrainian architecture, indigenous art and music from Africa illustrated the multi–cultural background and experience of our exceptional Rotary Exchange student!