Oct. 11: Family Dispute Resolution Counseling

Rotarian Amanda Bloomgren introduced a professional colleague she knows from the field of family law. Erin Kassebaum is the owner of Resolution Divorce Services in Bloomington, but she talked about her work supporting children in trauma. Kassebaum opened her presentation by illustrating the overwhelming condition of stress that children sometimes experience. She provided a “box breathing” technique for calming those situations, which can also be used by adults:

  • Breathe in for four seconds,
  • hold your breath for four seconds,
  • breath out for four seconds,
  • wait four seconds before breathing again.

Another response to someone in emotional stress is to avoid immediately counteracting the situation with logic or dismissal, but instead to relate to the feelings of anxiety by touching or holding the person, then asking the person to describe their feelings. This re-connects the right and left brains to center the person’s self-control.

Kassebaum recommended the book “Whole Brain Child” by Daniel Siegel. Questions and discussions closed her interesting and beneficial presentation. Kassebaum provides divorce mediation, parent consulting, coaching and classes.