Aug. 30 Program: Bridging & Fran Heitzman

Diane Dalsin, the Community Relations’ Manager opened the program by sharing her passion for Bridging with a video
(Bridging 101) and described the growth of Bridging and its history which is on their website. She then introduced
Fran and his servant attitude. Before he began, he asked Steve Mueller to stand and thanked Steve from the bottom
of his heart for his 19th consecutive year of leading our club’s activity in this program.

Fran Heitzman

Fran Heitzman, founder of Bridging

According to Fran Heitzman this sets a record for one individual providing leadership for 19 consecutive years. Fran began his message wondering out loud what could inspire a 93-year-old to come to our breakfast meeting. After telling us stories about the heartwarming response from from clients, he answered himself by asking us to spread the word about the need for donations. Fran closed with his energetic mantra: “When good people get together, good things happen!” BE THE INSPIRATION! For more information on how you can help: