April 19 Program: “Not Me!” personal safety training

Speakers at the April 23, 2018 Chaska Rotary Presentation

Today’s speakers included Ashley Peterson, Sophie Duffy, Rachel Peterson, Kari Davis, Heidi Nauman and student advisor Mrs. Kissock from Chanhassen High School.

Chaska Rotarian John Zerbes introduced the speakers, including Heidi Nauman, a trainer for “Not Me” classes. She explained the objective of the classes is to provide facts on who, what, when, where and how sexual assaults take place; the best ways to prevent and escape from assault, and to help learners visualize success in preventing assault.

The training was started 12 years ago when Al Horner, a former SEAL living in Eden Prairie, was asked to help prepare young women to avoid assault and defend themselves. He has since written a book, and has been joined by survivors of assault to build the training programs that have been completed by thousands.

Three 11th grade girls from Chanhassen High school spoke about their involvement that aims to raise funds that reduce the cost of this training so high school students can take the class. Their semester-long project is a Capstone project, a high school class that requires community engagement and real-world application of previous learning. Capstone is a graduation requirement in Eastern Carver County Schools.

The funding they have obtained has helped expand the attendance at Not Me training classes offered in this area by the Community Education program of Eastern Carver County schools and the Not Me group. Sponsorships by companies and organizations will help these students achieve their goal of helping more students to be safer, sooner. For more information about Not Me contact Heidi Nauman.