Program March 15: Chaska City Square West project

Matt Podhradsky, Chaska City Manager and Rotarian, opened with a brief history of the city’s planning efforts and summary of major changes that have resulted from the Master Plan. Poster boards contained photos and maps showing area, businesses and buildings affected by the City Square West project. This project is in the earliest stages, but it would be a redevelopment to create a city center area in downtown Chaska. Dan Keyport, a member of the planning Task Force and Rotarian, reminded us of previous projects that became real after starting out as pieces in the Master Plan. These are “Catalyst Sites” and include The Landing building near the Minnesota River, and the Curling/Event Center. The City Square West would be the 3rd piece of the plan to be implemented.

For more information about this topic, and access to the planning documents, Task Force Meeting Schedule and historical photographs that were on the posters:, search for Current Projects, Block 27 – City Square West.