Jan. 24: Women of Influence series: Kate Madonna Hindes

During 2017 and 2018, Chaska Rotary is running a “Women of Influence” series for its speaker presentations. Today, Kate Madonna Hindes talked to us about “Elevating Your Personal Brand.” She dynamically presented her lessons and ideas from her career as a public relations specialist and a ghost writer of 34 books. Kate was a young mother and out of work during the financial crunch of 2009, and then decided to move to Chaska. She was helped by Love, INC and others in the community, and rose to the challenges and now wants to help, others do the same.

She joined the White House staff under President Obama for a 6 month internship, and assisted many large companies and their personnel with branding, marketing and individual success. No one in Rotary admitted to having a prepared “elevator pitch” that would help our network, so she explained that people will remember us for our stories, where
we’re from and what we like, rather that what we do for a career.

At her direction, we formed groups of two, and for 60 seconds we each shared details of our lives with our partner. We then retold what we heard or learned, in order to demonstrate her point about remembering the non-work information. Then, a person from each table stood up and told the rest of us about their sharing experience: Matt Podhradsky, Matt Szybnski, Caroline Ness, Mike Drazen, Bob Lindall and Ken Hiller. Kate shared a lesson she learned early in her life – your value isn’t diminished by losing a job, spot or place. Instead “contributing to the success of others,” pays off in the long run.