Jan. 11: Meet your members

The Jan. 11 meeting provided an opportunity to meet Chaska Rotarians.

Mike Carpentier
Mike provided details of his life: he’s a planner with MRK Financial Solutions, works in Plymouth, has two boys – 11 & 16, grew up in Wisconsin where his father was a court reporter and recalls visiting the court for fun, graduated from the University of Wisconsin LeCrosse, likes outdoor activities and once went birding, a fact noted by your humble meeting recorder (Neil).

Lorie Treff
Lorie grew up in Roseville, MN, who is an insurance agent for State Farm, her father was a cobbler and had a store in
St. Paul, her husband works in the Warrantee department of Mack Truck, and they have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Angie Lawrence
Angie grew up in Wisconsin and is a mortgage business professional. She has great fun working with Paul Maahs at
Charter Bank in Chaska. From her new member introduction we know her husband has recently retired after 20
years in the Air Force.

Tera Kaltsas
Tera is so new to our club she doesn’t have her badge yet! Tera is the Principal of the Integrated Arts Academy – a high school that includes the core academic knowledge while developing employable skills with studies in
the art, culinary science, and horticulture. Her husband is a consultant in city planning, her family includes two children,
and their activities are focused on skilling, hockey, and lacrosse.