Sept. 7 Exchange Student, Finemaster & Announcements

Exchange Student

Our exchange student from Chile, Isidora (Isy) Tiska has experienced her first days of high school in Chaska, and all seems to be going well. She has enjoyed time at a lake, swimming and fishing.


Past-President, Char Weber, was Fine Mistress today seeking revenge. She cut a broad swath through those who had students returning to school, those in teaching or administrative positions in education. Like Hurricane Irma, she swayed to the left and fined those who will not be partaking scotch, cigars or coffee, and the adventurers who’ve gone to Renaissance Fair. Not satisfied, Char challenged each table to fine someone at the table.


Dan Keyport reminded us to sign up for the Coffee, Scotch and Cigar evening. It will be held on the Hazeltine porch. For $100 per person, your participation will contribute to our Rotary fund. Heavy appetizers will be served. Non-Rotary guests are also invited.

Char Weber is still looking for a few more volunteers to staff the Rotary Wine Tent at Carver’s Steamboat Days.

Michele Kraus asked for help for a young woman interested in studying veterinary equestrian eye care.