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Chaska Rotary supports Vamos! Scholarship with $5,000 kick-start grant

The Vamos! Scholarship will receive $5,000 kick-start grant from the Chaska Rotary Club this spring. Vamos! Scholarship focuses on Latinos students heading to college, and the grant will amplify the message of the need to close the educational gap, be to a more inclusive community, and work together to build bridges of cooperation and prosperity […]

Jan. 17 program: Launch Ministry, open house Feb. 10, fundraiser Apr. 27

At today’s meeting, Chaska Rotarian Lorie Treff introduced Corey Magstadt, founder and director of Launch Ministry. Launch Ministry is a faith-based nonprofit that provides young adults between 18-29 years old with opportunities to promote healthy, productive transitions into adulthood. Corey and the ministry staff with volunteers assist young people in transition by providing them with tools […]

Nov. 15: Give to the Rotary Foundation and triple your dollars (at least!)

Rotarians Dan Keyport and Tom Moorse introduced the tag team of Don Stiles, Rotary District 5950 Foundation Grant Treasurer and Tim Murphy, former District Governor and current Foundation Grant Chair. They a fast-paced slide presentation. Tim and Don explained the three types of Rotary Foundations 3 different funds, and the multiplying effect of the different […]

Nov. 8: Rotary Exchange Student Julia Moschioni

Rotarian Andy Haugen introduced Chaska Rotary’s exchange student, Julia Moschioni, who’s home is Brazil. She had an entourage of host family members with her and gave us an autobiography told in a skillfully arranged slide show. She shared some facts about Brazil’s geography, maps and details of her flag that may give Ken Hiller some […]

Nov. 1: Ridgeview Medical Center Update

Rotarian Matt Szybnski introduced Mike Phelps, CEO and president in Ridgeview Medical Center. He is the third person to hold this position in the organization’s 54 years of operation. Phelps shared slides that provided the vision that guides Ridgeview organization and its component organizations, along with the strategic pillars to achieve that vision. Phelps noted […]

Oct. 25: Vamos Latino Scholarship Program

Rotarian Char Weber met Juan Llerena at church, and was impressed with his enthusiasm for helping our communities. She invited him to speak to us about the scholarship program he and his wife Rita have founded. Having lived in Minnesota for 18 years, Juan reflects our Rotary belief in promoting better lives and education for […]

Oct. 18: Fishing With Friends

Chaska Rotary President Rick Ness introduced Carl Lacey of Chaska Area Fishing With Friends. Carl introduced cohorts from CAFWF. Chaska Rotary club previously introduced this program as “Let’s Go Fishing,” but now the city’s Parks and Recreation Department is aligned with CAFWF. The group’s mission statement is to provide meaningful, enjoyable, no-cost fishing opportunities and […]

Oct. 11: Family Dispute Resolution Counseling

Rotarian Amanda Bloomgren introduced a professional colleague she knows from the field of family law. Erin Kassebaum is the owner of Resolution Divorce Services in Bloomington, but she talked about her work supporting children in trauma. Kassebaum opened her presentation by illustrating the overwhelming condition of stress that children sometimes experience. She provided a “box […]

Oct. 4: Minnesota United Football (Soccer) Club

Rotarian Ken Hiller, wearing a snappy “Scarves Up” scarf, explained that fans of the Minnesota United Football Club (the Loons) use the scarves as visual support for the team at the beginning of each game. Ken gave a brief history of the club and introduced Sean Sittnick, vice president of ticket sales who gave us […]